I’m Radek Koncewicz, a game designer, software developer, and project manager based in Toronto, Canada.

Below you can find examples of my work in the video game industry and details on my contributions to various projects.

A 3D, turn-based strategy game set aboard a Steampunk airship named Trudy. Developed at Incubator Games, I was responsible for the designing the game’s story, setting, levels, combat, and overall progression.
Completed original-IP titles that I worked on as a lead designer and programmer. Includes notes on prototyping and refining gameplay mechanics and creating an engaging player experience.
Contract work in various genres such as action, adventure, racing, sports, and platforming. Covers the challenges of adapting an existing brand while prioritizing the client’s goals and restrictions.
Deck-building and match-3 titles I led as a designer and producer. Notes on player engagement, retention, conversion, k-factor, and other metrics common to casual games.
Minigame collections and other projects aimed at students ages 6-11. Info on turning educational content into gameplay-verbs and integrating them into a cohesive experience.
A selection of articles I’ve written that cover systems design, individual mechanics, narrative integration, and various other elements of video game development. Also includes additional info on my personal projects and development history.